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Designing for Play-Based Learning

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Designing for Play-Based Learning


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Teaching an infant how to play with a toy computerBefore you read further, please listen to excerpts from an interview with Mary Jane Treacy who is a College of Arts and Science professor and Director of the Honors Program Director at Simmons College, Boston.  Mary Jane authored an educational game entitled "Greenwich Village, 1913, Suffrage, Labor, and the New Woman" that is part of Barnard College's Reacting to the Past series. 


Video - Mary Jane Treacy: The False Dichotomy of Work & Play (opens in new window), which is part of a series of Blended Learning Case Studies developed by Simmons College.


After viewing the video, consider the following questions:

What themes emerge as you read the materials on this wiki and listened listen to Mary Jane talk? What are the "take home" messages of advice on planning and designing successful play-based learning experiences?


Use the comments feature to post  observations, questions, and insights below.



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aveinotte said

at 10:49 am on Jan 20, 2009

Designing effective play is hard work

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