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ELI ARG Sneak Preview


PPT for this page


Folder wth Bluth Planning Docs (and Screenshots from Ning site)


Do you know of wiki/blog pages that were created be conference participants during the game?  Please send the links to gmdenatale@simmons.edu and I'll add them to the documents (or use the edit tag to add the link directly to this page).


Desired Outcomes

  • Collaboration and Community-Building
  • Demonstrate
    • The Educational Value of Technology-Enhanced Games/Play
    • The Capacity of ARGs to Introduce Participants to a Range of Web 2.0 Technologies
    • The Role that ARGs Can Play in Enhancing Literacies/Fluencies (Scientific, Information, Media, Technology, etc.)
    • The Sophistication and Complexity ARGs can Entail
  • Create a Shared Experience that Conference Partcipants Can Reflect Upon
  • (Heaven Forbid) Have Fun!



  • Approach/Aesthetic
    • "This is not a game" TINAG - liminality
    • Storytelling as archaeology
    • Narrative is "told" across a range of platforms (physical and virtual)
    • Collaboration (hive mind) is leveraged to formulate solutions
  • Puppetmaster(s) - A person or people who design the game and remain behind the curtain as it plays out
  • Scenario (narrative, storylines, character development)
  • Maps (across physical and virtual spaces)
  • Trailhead (aka Rabbit hole) - deliberate clue or avenue for entry into the game
  • Online videos, web pages, blog entries ... and other things we'll let you discover on your own


Types of Clues

  • rebi
  • cryptograms
  • clues hidden in website code
  • QR codes
  • ... and other things we'll let you discover on your own



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