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Try Your Hand


Clue MapThe point of this is not to develop a play activity or game in 40 minutes, because this complex process can take months or even years to do well.  Rather, this is an opportunity for you to apply what you're learning and have an opportunity to benefit from the experiences and insights of other workshop participants.


Before You Begin: Divide into groups of five (total of three groups).  At least one person in the group should have a computer with Internet access.

Your Group's Challenge: You have been asked to collaborate with a group of your peers (your group mates) to develop a technology-enhanced game that will be played over the course of several days at an upcoming educational conference.  Your report back to the group should address the following questions (post to your group's report template in the workshop wiki):


  • What topics might be appropriate for this type of distributed game?  What educational goals do you hope to achieve?
  • What steps would be necessary in the planning and implementation of the game?
  • How will you ensure that the game is playful, engaging, and achieves its educational goals?
  • What challenges and opportunities do you imagine you will encounter in the development and implementation process?
  • What resources do you anticipate needing?

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